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Forging Tomorrow's Leaders Today

2012, 2014 Bronze Award, US News and World Report
Part of the Sevier County School System, A 2012 Tennessee Exemplary District


School Mission 
The mission of Pigeon Forge High School is to provide all students with engaging learning experiences based on a relevant and rigorous curriculum, preparing them for success in both college and their careers.

School Vision

Pigeon Forge High School is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence and student achievement where:

    Our Students:

  • Develop a vision concerning personal academic goals as well as a plan for a career path;

  • Engage in rigorous, high-quality learning activities;

  • Practice self-discipline and accountability that shows a sense of pride for their school;

  • Commit to creating a culture of respect for themselves and others while demonstrating a desire and passion for learning;

  • Communicate effectively through written and oral expression within the learning community.

    Our Teachers:

  • Model expectations of professionalism and individual accountability that support the core academic values of the learning community;

  • Project enthusiasm toward students and use a variety of instructional strategies to present information that is interactive and engaging for all students;

  • Teach students to communicate effectively and to think critically, logically, and analytically;

  • Participate in data-informed, collaborative professional learning opportunities to ensure continuous improvement in using research based teaching practices.

    Our School:

  • Provides a safe environment through consistent reinforcement of school policy:

  • Offers a diverse curriculum with opportunities for advanced academic study and enriched, practical learning experiences;

  • Communicates and builds a positive relationship with all stakeholders;

  • Incorporates technology within the curriculum, as well as offers technical support that is readily available;

  • Implements a formalized advisory program in order to meet the academic and social needs of all students.

    Our Parents and Community:

  • Collaborate with our school to provide emotional, financial, and academic support;

  • Mentor students through cooperative programs that offer career-oriented experiences;

  • Support teachers, staff, and administration and take an active role in the education of their children.

Belief Statements

The faculty, students, and parents of PFHS believe:

  • Attitudes of tolerance, respect, and integrity create an environment where all students and staff feel safe.

  • Appropriate learning opportunities for students of all levels, learning styles, beliefs, and backgrounds create a school culture promoting creativity, critical thinking, and the effective use of technology.

  • Students are prepared for college and today’s work force through the development of accountability and responsibility while building competence in core academic areas and career/technical education.

  • Opportunities to participate in clubs, athletics, and other extracurricular activities create a well-rounded high school experience.

  • A strong, positive relationship among school, home, and community prepares students to be productive, contributing citizens.

School Rules: Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Prepared. Be Safe/Orderly.

PFHS Honor Code

As members of the Pigeon Forge High School community, we will always demonstrate our personal values of learning and academic integrity through our:

  • Honesty – We will never cheat or plagiarize.

  • Trust – We will exemplify integrity as students and leaders in our school and community.

  • Fairness – We will exhibit tolerance and decency to others.

  • Respect – We will always be considerate, courteous, and appreciative to both peers and adults.

  • Responsibility – We will fulfill any duty or task given to us.

  • Perseverance – We will reflect a spirit of determination and persistence when faced with challenging situations.