Wrestling Awards and Accomplishments

PFHS Wrestling Awards and Accomplishments


2014-2015A/AA Region Champions
 A/AA State Dual Champions
 A/AA Traditional State Champions
2013-2014A/AA Region Champions
 A/AA State Dual Champions
 A/AA 3rd in State Traditional
2012-2013A/AA Region Champions
 2nd in A/AA State Duals
2011-2012A/AA Region Champions
 2nd in A/AA State Duals
 4th in Division I Overall
2010-2011A/AA Region Champions
 2nd in A/AA State Duals
 4th in Division I Overall
2009-2010A/AA Region Champions
 2nd in A/AA State Duals


2014-15Matthew KietaState Champion
 Alex BreedenState Champion
 Jacob Ruiter2nd in State
 Gary Reagan2nd in State
 Josh Croley3rd in State
 Franklin Darnell3rd in State
 Chris Poole3rd in State
 Christian Sisto6th in State
2013-2014Gavin HutchensState Champion
 Matthew Kieta3rd in State
 Isaac Frye4th in State
 Xavier Bohanan4th in State
 Alex Breeden4th in State
 Nick Hilley4th in State
 Gary Reagan5th in State
 Jacob Ruiter6th in State
2012-2013Jordan MorellState Champion
 Nate Croley2nd in State
 Natalie Lysczarcyk2nd in State
 Chelsea Varnedoe2nd in State
 Alex Griffin3rd in State
2011-2012Cody DavisState Champion
 David Kieta2nd in State
 Joseph Dodgen4th in State
2010-2011Cody DavisState Champion
 Edward Holland3rd in State
 Nathaniel Molina3rd in State
2009-2010Cody Davis2nd in State
2008-2009Cody Davis6th in State
2007-2008Brett Shields2nd in State
2006-2007Brett Shields2nd in State

100 Career Wins

2013-2016Matthew Kieta140-28
2012-2015ALex Breeden113-56
2009-2013Nate Croley172-36
2009-2013Joseph Dodgen15    4-27
2009-2013Caleb Poole101-71
2008-2012David Kieta108-53
2008-2011Cody Davis137-20
2007-2011Nathaniel Molina148-24
2007-2011Edward Holland121-25
2004-2008Kenny Erman104-54
2004-2008Brett Shields120-40

PFHS College Wrestlers

Cody DavisKing College
David KietaLimestone College
Dustin Campbell     Univ. of the Cumberlands/King College
Brett ShieldsCarson Newmand/King College
Edward HollandUniv. of the Cumberlands
Nate CroleyCumberland University
Alex BreedenCumberland University

PFHS Wrestlers in Service

Tyler Arwood - Marines 2003
Elijah Parker -Navy 2003
Stephen Gorden - Army 2004
Josh Branch -Marines 2008
Michael Walker - Navy 2008
Derrick Metcalf - Air Force 2011

       High School All Americans       

2015Gavin Hutchens6th
2012Cody Davis5th
2010Cody Davis6th