Co Head Coaches: John Griffis & Jenna Sewall
Assistant Coaches: Derek Welsh & Mark Rutledge

Mission/Purpose: To provide an opportunity for student athletes to develop their skills and character in order to compete at a high level. Sportsmanship and being good ambassadors is promoted. Opportunities are available for beginners to learn tennis and the value of having a life long sport.

Financial Obligation: Team uniforms cost $50.00 to $80.00 may be offset with fundraisers and team sponsorships. 

Practice: Practice for Tennis begins around February 15th each year. Must have a sports physical on file before you can start practice.

2018 Schedule

 Date OpponentPlace
 March 20  Northview Academy Home 
 22 Morristown East Home
  26 GP  GP
  27  L&N Academy Home
  29 Alcoa Home 
 April 16Alcoa Alcoa HS

19 GPHome 
  20 Harriman Roan State 
  24 Heritage Heritage HS
  26 Concord Christian         Home